Various parties can be held accountable after a truck accident. The final decision of who is at fault is decided based on the specific details of a person’s case. A truck accident attorney in Oklahoma can launch an investigation to determine whose negligence caused the accident to occur. In many cases there may be more than one party who is held responsible for the collision, it all depends on who was negligent, and how much evidence is presented to prove their negligence.

The first step that needs to be taken is for a thorough investigation to be carried out to find out exactly what took place during the accident. An attorney will be able to discern whether the collision occurred due to error on part of the truck driver, due to the truck malfunctioning, or due to some external reason such as the weather. Whatever the evidence points towards, they will collect the required information and confront the parties who are liable.

If the guilty party refuses to respond positively and if they deny negligence, then an attorney can go one step further and hold them liable in court. If matters escalate to a court trial, then the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to prove their negligence and they will demand the settlement from them accordingly.

The victims of the truck accident should make sure they document whatever evidence they can as early on after the collision as they possibly can. Naturally, such a large-scale collision often results in serious injuries and most people are too preoccupied in dealing with their injuries and trying to get over the emotional trauma to try and collect evidence. It is for this reason that calling a lawyer right after the accident is the best course of action to take and no time should be wasted so they can take care of preserving the necessary evidence while a person rests.

What type of evidence do I need to collect?


A truck accident attorney will be able to help a person in collecting all the necessary evidence. Amongst the pieces of evidence that a person can collect, photographs and video footage of the accident are especially useful. Video footage is very valuable, and a person should request the footage from nearby traffic cameras and surveillance cameras.

It can be difficult to secure video footage, but the good news is there are plenty of other pieces of evidence a person can collect that are easier to obtain. The driving record of the trucker, the black box information from the truck, witness testimonies, and photographs of the scene of the accident are all relatively easy to obtain when a person has a legal representative helping them along the way.

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