It was around 9:25 a.m. on June 3rdwhen the Cass County Sheriff’s department was notified that there had been an accident on Interstate 80 involving a motorcyclist and a semi-truck. The Ashland Gazette highlighted that the driver of the motorcycle, Denberth A. Chavarria, 47, was traveling eastbound on the interstate when he collided with the rear of a semi-truck. The impact caused Chavarria to be thrown from his bike.
When medics arrived, they pronounced Chavarria dead at the scene. The driver of the semi, Stephen A. Nelson, 25, of Princeton, KY, was not injured and the truck he had been operating is owned by Western Express. Officials were able to determine that the cause of the accident was due to Chavarria driving at excessive speeds. Crash investigators were also unable to find any indication that Chavarria had made any attempt to slow down before he collided with the semi.
Aside from being the potential cause of the fatal accident, the source also stated that Chavarria was a suspect in a recent homicide case involving Joselyn Serrano-Albayero, 33. She was recently found deceased in her home located in Omaha. Two children, ages two and nine, were also found inside the home but did not appear to be injured.
After police learned of Serrano-Albayero’s death, they issued out a first-degree murder warrant for Chavarria, however, he was not being pursued by any law enforcement officers at the time of the crash. The Nebraska State Patrol reported that they would be conducting an investigation and reconstruct the accident to determine what exactly happened.

Woman Rear-Ends Semi-Truck in Lincoln and Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

Another accident similar to how this one played out occurred in Lincoln on June 19th.  Lincoln Police stated that a 52-year-old woman rear-ended a semi-truck just before 4:00 a.m. at North 56thand Arbor Road [Source: 1011 Now]. Emergency crews responded to the collision and said the woman had suffered life-threatening injuries. Officials said she was transported to an area hospital and suffered head trauma as well as broken bones in her neck and back. The driver of the semi along with the passenger he had traveling with him did not sustain any injuries.
Police stated that they believed alcohol was a factor in this truck collision and after conducting an investigation, they found methamphetamine and pills in the woman’s possession.
Are you a truck driver in Omaha, NE who was injured in an accident and now suffers from chronic pain? If so, speak with a truck accident lawyer in Omaha and learn what you need to do to ensure you are compensated for this pain and suffering.
The truth is, many of the individuals who find themselves involved in an accident with a large truck such as a semi often suffer from life-threatening injuries or don’t survive at all. And while truckers are sometimes to blame for causing some of the fatal accidents that occur, not all of the crashes that transpire on our roadways are linked to truck driver negligence. As you can see in these two accidents, both the driver of the motorcycle along with the driver of the vehicle were at fault for causing an accident.
So, if you are a trucker in Omaha, NE and have been involved in an accident recently that was caused by another motorist’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to certain benefits as well as compensation. In order to determine how much compensation this might be, it is best that you discuss your incident with a qualified truck accident attorney in Omaha, Nebraska. If you need help locating an attorney in the Omaha area, would be glad to assist you with the process.

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