This is disgusting. My opponent has sunk to a new low in her ongoing attempt to sling mud. She has once again shown she is willing to say and do anything to win. Her supporters went so far as doctoring and editing a photo of me honoring our fallen military heroes into one that was faded to make me look sinister for a hit piece.


On June 6th, 2012, for the anniversary of D-Day, my family and I visited the Normandy American Cemetery to pay our respects. It was raining, but that did not stop us from going to honor the heroes who gave their lives to defend our freedoms and defeat Nazi Germany. This visit to Normandy was part of my inspiration to seek office. My grandfather Moses Weinstein told me stories about how he landed on these exact same beaches when he served in the War. My opponent took the picture and removed our fallen heroes’ gravestones, and then edited it to attack me. How dare she remove our soldier’s gravestones.


People are sick and tired of negative campaigning. My opponent has attacked my family, lied about my record, and is now changing my photo that was meant to memorialize my families visit to honor our fallen heroes and veterans. You need to know the truth. Shameful of her and the special interests backing her campaign for peddling these lies.


Michael Weinstein

Democrat For State House District 81

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