The first thing to try and do after getting into a truck accident, is to remain calm and avoid panicking. This is much easier said than done, but a person must try to remain focused after the accident to minimize the amount of harm they suffer in the long run. The absolute first step to take at the scene of the accident is to make sure that everyone’s injuries are tended to. Even if a person feels like they did not get any visible injuries they should call an ambulance and still get themselves thoroughly examined by a medical practitioner to verify they were not harmed.

Any medication or test given by the doctor should be recorded and preserved in case they are required as the truck accident case unfolds. Apart from contacting the ambulance and tending to all injuries, individuals should also call the police. This step is equally as important as not only is it required by the law to inform the police regarding a serious accident, but the police report that is created can be used as evidence later on in the case as well.

Though a person has to call the police, they should keep in mind that giving them extra and unnecessary information could be detrimental to their case and may reduce the amount of settlement they win to help them cover their damages. The police should be contacted after a serious truck accident, but a person does not have to give them extra information. They can answer their basic questions such as identifying themselves and giving their insurance information, but they should avoid giving extra details, or even apologizing to the other drivers as this can be used against them.

A person should contact their truck accident attorney while at the scene of the accident and ask them to guide them on what they should say and on what steps they are supposed to take next to ensure the success of their case and to ensure they are awarded enough settlement to help them cover the cost of all the damages that resulted from the truck accident.

What information should I collect at the scene of the accident?

While at the scene of the accident a person should make sure to collect the following information:

  • The name of the trucker
  • The name of the trucking company
  • The contact information of any witnesses’ present
  • Photographs of skid marks and any other evidence found in the debris
  • Photographs of injuries

It is important to gather this evidence without delay because it is time-sensitive and if too much time elapses, a person most likely will not be able to get access to this evidence again. A truck accident lawyer can help a person from the very beginning of the collision up until they get their desired settlement.

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