Orlando, Florida, Do all home projects need a permit pulled before work can begin?

Many homeowners often decide to renovate or remodel their homes to either enhance their standard of living or to increase the value of their property. While some home improvements projects can be done without having to go the extra mile and obtain a permit, others do, in fact, require one. For example, if a homeowner wishes to add on to a room, build a deck, or create a new bathroom, they likely need a permit before they can begin work.


Obtaining a Permit for a Home Improvement Project in Orlando, FL


If a home improvement project requires a permit, the Orange County Division of Building Safety says a homeowner will need to take these initial steps.


  • They will need to fill out and submit the Building Permit Application, which must include the estimated value of the project.
  • They will be required to submit two sets of documentation to Zoning to begin the residential permit process.
  • The Zoning department will decide whether to approve the Building Permit application, site plan, and construction plans.


The process does become a little more complex which is why homeowners should hire a reputable and reliable contractor who understands the process and can assist him/her with it. It is extremely important for a homeowner to hire a licensed contractor to ensure they don’t run into any trouble when it comes time to obtain their building permits.


What could happen if a homeowner fails to pull a permit for their home project?


If a home project requires a permit and a homeowner fails to one before the work is completed, they could run into an issue when it comes time to sell their home. According to the National Association of Realtors, “if a presale inspection is required by [a homeowner’s] locality or the sales contract requires the seller to provide a certificate of completion to show the work was done to code,” it can bring the sale of a home to a halt. While there may be ways around this, it can certainly add some frustration to the selling process.

In the event a homeowner runs into a permit issue, whether it is during the appraisal process or the sales process, they should contact an Orlando, FL real estate lawyer as a real estate agent may not be able to assist with getting the issue resolved.


Legal Counsel P.A. Can Help a Seller Resolve Any Issues that Might Arise During the Closing Process


Homeowners who run into an issue during the closing process can contact the Orlando, FL real estate lawyers at Legal Counsel P.A. for help. Typically, when a homeowner puts their home up for sale and they have a potential buyer, they need to close the deal quickly so they are able to move into their next property. However, issues do arise during the closing process that can prolong a sale or even cause a potential buyer to pull out of the deal. To prevent an issue from ruining a deal, homeowners are encouraged to contact Legal Counsel P.A. when a problem arises.


Legal Counsel P.A. is located at:


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