Orlando, Florida, How soon should a business owner apply for a trademark?

There are many different things a business owner can obtain a trademark for. Words, phrases, symbols, and designs that are used to “distinguish the source of the goods of one party from those of others” are some of the things that can be trademarked.1 Business owners typically look to obtain a trademark for a symbol or phrase associated with their business so that no one else can legally use them.

If another business attempts to use a symbol or word that has already been trademarked, it can face legal consequences for doing so.

While it is clear that a trademark can help protect a business owner from having another company use its symbol or phrase, obtaining a trademark is a lengthy and costly process. Therefore, a business owner should consider how profitable their company is before they begin the trademark application process. The last thing any business owner wants is to spend money on a trademark without first ensuring they are going to be able to profit off of it.


How long do trademarks take to issue?


Once the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) receives a trademark application and processes it, it can take about a year or even longer for it to be approved. However, processing times will depend on the filing basis an individual chooses when they apply.2 A business owner who is looking to obtain a trademark can visit the USPTO website to learn more about the timeline that might apply to their filing basis or they can contact an Orlando, FL business law attorney at Legal Counsel P.A. who would be happy to discuss this with them.


Should a business owner in Orlando hire a lawyer to help them apply for a trademark?


Before an individual applies for a trademark, they should consult with an Orlando business law attorney who can help them determine if their trademark application is likely to be approved and can identify any issues that could cause the USPTO to deny their application. This step alone can save a business owner a substantial amount of time and money. In addition to this, an attorney can also help a business owner fill out the paperwork and get it filed.

Not only is it a good idea to hire an Orlando, FL business law lawyer to help with the trademark application process, but the USPTO even recommends that an individual retain a legal representative who can guide them through the process.


Legal Counsel P.A. Can Help a Business Owner Decide When it is a Good Time to Apply for a Trademark


If a business owner in the Orlando area is considering applying for a trademark or has legal questions they’d like answered, they can contact Legal Counsel P.A. There are many things a business owner needs to know before they begin the trademark process, all of which the Orlando, FL business law attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. will be able to explain.


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