Domestic violence is a slightly different type of criminal charge that can have very significant consequences for a conviction. 

An employee of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was arrested on charges of domestic violence. 

Orlando area employee arrested for domestic violence charges

Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office said that they responded to the suspect’s house in the early hours of a Friday morning. When officers responded to the area and found evidence of a disturbance, they took the suspect into custody. Shortly afterward, she was booked and transported to Orange County Jail. 

The suspect had been given her position in the early months of 2017 and worked as an administrative assistant at the Sheriff’s main headquarters. In addition to the criminal charges, she was suspended without pay from her position. An internal affairs case and investigation regarding her actions will be started at the conclusion of the criminal trial. 

The Orange County Sheriff John Mina said that all personnel, both sworn officers and civilians are held to high ethical standards of conduct, with a zero tolerance policy for criminal actions. No more specific information about her arrest or the incident was released. 

The nature of a domestic violence charge

Defending against domestic violence charges can be difficult and more complex than regular criminal charges. In Florida, these cases are prosecuted through a separate domestic violence court. The charges can be more serious than a comparable criminal case depending on the situation, and it can often be easier for the state to secure a conviction in domestic violence court. The victim may also get an injunction or a protective order against the person responsible to maintain their own safety. 

Criminal cases in general

As this news report shows, the consequences of a criminal charge can be severe. This can include the loss of employment and affects on future attempts to gain employment. Aside from jail time, there can be fines, probation time, and other conditions set out as a part of someone’s sentence that can affect their life in a negative way. This is true for both serious crimes charged as felonies as well as misdemeanors. These issues are why it is so important to get the best possible defense from an experienced lawyer. 

Your attorney makes sure that the state can prove every element of the case beyond all reasonable doubt and have the charges reduced or dropped if they cannot. Lawyers are also skilled at negotiating for a more favorable plea deal if the case is concluded without a trial. 

Speak with a local lawyer to get specific information

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