Police in Eatonville, Florida were looking for suspects as a driveby shooting injured multiple people nearby.

Police arrive and find shooting victims on the streets

A detective with the Eatonville police department confirmed that officers were on routine patrol in the area when they heard several gunshots late on a Sunday night and rushed to the scene. They found two male victims on the streets and started to render medical help until other emergency workers arrived on the scene. Police confirmed that the suspect or group responsible for the shooting had fled the scene before they could arrive.

The victims were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. Early the following morning, one of the victims succumbed to his injuries while in the hospital, but the other remained in stable condition. 

Local police released a statement to the public that a Kia Optima with tinted windows may have been responsible. They asked for tips or other information which may lead to the suspect’s arrest. 

Eatonville is a small town located a few miles north of the city of Orlando. 

Firearm offenses in Florida

While residents living in the state of Florida are allowed to own and possess guns, their use is heavily regulated, especially in public areas. The discharge of any firearm in a reckless manner in a public place is prosecuted as a misdemeanor. When a firearm is intentionally used to harm another person, much more serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, or aggravated assault may be filed by the state. 

Making sure that the government can prove charges beyond all reasonable doubt

After someone has been charged with a criminal case, the burden is entirely on the state to prove every element of the crime beyond all reasonable doubt to a jury. If they cannot do this, the jury is instructed to find the defendant not guilty. Depending on the quality of the information and evidence available, this may not be easy for the state to accomplish.  

There are many issues that occur when the state tries to prove criminal cases. These can include insufficient evidence, mistaken identity, relying exclusively on circumstantial evidence, and other problems. When the state tries to prove a criminal case with poor or incomplete information, skilled defense attorneys know how to exploit these weaknesses to help their clients. The defense lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to the case for lesser charges in some situations.  

Criminal lawyers who fight against prosecutors on your behalf

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