Some crimes begin with simple misunderstandings, but turn into something much more horrific. 

An Orlando teenager is facing charges for second degree murder after shooting a young girl at an Orange County apartment complex.

Argument between two teenagers becomes fatal

Police believe that the incident happened at the pool area of the apartment building. The 19 year old female victim asked the suspect to put the gun down several times as he held it to her head. The 18 year old male suspect had been arguing with the girl before the incident happened according to police reports. He fired a warning shot first, then eventually fired two more rounds from a handgun that hit her in the head. 

The victim’s body was found on a lounge chair in the area. There were also drugs found in a small pack near her body. Her friends admitted that she had been involved in selling narcotics. The suspect and the victim apparently also had an ongoing dispute over an alleged stolen phone. Video cameras in the area did not capture the incident, but audio was recorded. The two seem to have been fighting over $300 in cash and the stolen phone. 

The suspect faces a criminal charge for second degree murder, which possibly carries a life sentence. He initially entered a not guilty plea. He claimed that he knew the victim and was present at his girlfriend’s nearby apartment when the incident happened. However, police were also in the area because it had been blocked off. They claim they never saw him in the area on the opposite side of the complex where he claimed to be. There were also witnesses nearby who identified him as the shooter.  

The victim’s family released a statement that she was an honor student and an artist who spent much of her free time painting and drawing. 

What can criminal lawyers do in a situation like this?

When someone has committed a crime as serious as murder or another felony, the state will invest resources and assign a prosecutor to the case to secure a conviction. The defense attorney’s job is to make sure that their client understands exactly what the charges mean and create a vigorous defense strategy. If the state cannot prove each element of the crime beyond all reasonable doubt, the charges should be dropped or reduced. Skilled criminal lawyers know how to look for holes in the state’s case and negotiate a better plea deal if necessary. Your attorney should be able to determine the strength of the state’s case and a course of action during an initial consultation. 

Get help from a defense attorney after being charged with a crime

There are attorneys in the Orlando area who focus on assisting people who need to defend themselves against the state’s criminal charges. To learn more, contact:  

The Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak

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