Another BIG update from the Michael Weinstein for State House Campaign! Over 100 more District 81 residents have joined our grassroots campaign. That makes a total of more than 300 local residents who have officially endorsed Michael Weinstein for State House District 81!



Our people-powered campaign continues to build momentum and support. Join our grassroots movement for bold Democratic leadership for House District 81 at


100 More District 81 Residents Endorse Michael Weinstein for State House


Paula Abrahams

Steven L Amigo

Marta Aronson

Nancy Auerbach

Sebrina Bailey

Ronald Baram

Martina Barry

Sherie Bary

Zereka Bell Goodidgh

Miriam Berger

Murphy Bridges

Shirley Brown

Victor Butts

Nicholas Castellano

Tasos Chrsaidos

Susan Clancy

Sheldon Cohen

Selvyn Cormack

Maghan Dellafiore

Mary Demps

Rosemond Desir

Vincent Devivo

Sandy Cooksey

Sonia Fagelbaum

Stuart Fishman

Sandro Flores

Sonia Freedman

Michael Friedman

Ruth Frischer

Myrna Galati

Nelson Garcia

Melvin Glickman

Sandra Goldman

Mauricio E Gomez

Ronnie Goodman

Marsha Gordon

Max Graves

Mercedes Greenberg

Valjean Guerra

Sherree Hall

Michelle Hardesty

Rhoda Hasson

Molly Heber

Nancy Held

Mary Johnson

Sharon Johnson Godfrey

Michael Jones

Timothy Jones

William Jones

Sheri Keehn

Richard Kelly

Thomas Klein

Milton Klemas

Robert Kronish

Steve Lartz

Michel Levy

Martin Lipsky

Solon Louis

Maurice Mates

Sean Mccaffery

Rose Moskowitz

Nina Mrkusic-Guido

Ruth Murphy

Michelle Myers

Stephanie Orlando

Susanne Palagy

Timothy Peterson

Renee Phillips

Rose Pucillo

Neville Reid

Myra Resnick

Paula Ritter

Ronni Roth

Shunya Roytman

Sophie Sandman

Shirley Schnitzer

Norman Schultz

Pauline Shannon

Paul Shapiro

Richard Sharack

Robin Siege

Ron Silverstein

Stephanie Singer

Zohara Singer

Susan Small

Nancy Spivack

Molly Staub

Neil Streitfeld

Melissa Subramani

Rodemise Taylor

Ronald Tetreault

Rayane Thibodeau

Roger Topalian

Robert Traum

Robert Vernick

Paul Weiner

Norman Weiss

Claire Weiss And Stanley Weiss

Rhonda Welber

Norma Williams

Paul Winton

Stefano Szacharis

Shekh Zaman


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