Liability after a truck accident is often difficult to discern because of the various parties who may be responsible for the accident. When a person gets into a collision with a passenger vehicle, they do not have to worry about launching a thorough investigation because the fault is usually that of one driver or the other. However, when an accident occurs involving a truck, not only is there more damage due to the large size of these vehicles, but an investigation is required to sort out who is responsible for actually causing the collision.

It often requires the advice and experience of a legal professional who has dealt with truck accident cases before, to first identify all the possible parties who can be held to account, and then to gather enough evidence to prove their negligence. It is necessary that a person contacts all possible individuals who may have caused the accident to ensure they receive an appropriate settlement at the end of the day.

Most commonly, the truck driver, the trucking company, the cargo company, the truck manufacturing company, and the truck maintenance company can be brought into a truck accident claim. However, it is also possible for local government bodies, and contractors to be held liable for the collision depending on the specific details of a person’s case.

For instance, if the truck accident attorney conducts an investigation and it is discovered that the accident occurred because of holes in the ground or other obstructions in the road, the government body responsible for road maintenance, or the contractors who were responsible for completing the road work can be compelled to pay any damages the victims of the collision faced. If an area was under construction and the contractors failed to mark it clearly, they can be held accountable in such a situation as well.

How can I prove the government body was negligent?


Once the guilty party is determined, a person must collect enough evidence to prove they acted negligently. The more evidence a person can collect, the more chances they will receive compensation for their losses. Evidence that is acceptable in court can be anything from photographs and video footage of the scene of the accident to witness testimonies. An attorney can help a person get access to important information such as the truck driver’s records, and this can be used as proof in court as well.

In the case of holding a local government responsible, a person should collect enough evidence to prove that the collision occurred due to an obstruction on the road and not because of a mistake made on their part or the part of the truck driver.

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