Things became rather chaotic in St. Louis, MO on Wednesday after a St. Louis Sheriff’s Deputy was assaulted while riding a Metro bus and the officer responding to the assault was involved in an accident while heading to the scene.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that it was around 6:30 a.m. when deputy Corian Byrd, 25, got onto a Metro bus at Page Avenue and Woodson Road and was on his way to work. After he had sat down, another man got on board the bus, looked at his uniform and badge, and sat down right next to him despite the fact that there were plenty of open seats as the bus only had maybe two or three passengers aboard. The deputy said that the man looked as though he was already having a bad day and that he kept eyeing him. Byrd finally asked the man if he was OK and the next thing he remembered, the man was hitting him.
Byrd said the man, whom he had never seen before, hit him about three times in the face and that he did nothing to provoke this violent behavior. Byrd wasn’t armed at the time and only had pepper spray. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to reach it in time. Byrd was finally able to subdue the man with the help of another passenger until police arrived. After assessing the situation, Byrd believes the man was looking for trouble. The source stated that the deputy suffered some bruising and swelling on his face, but no broken bones. Byrd has been employed with the sheriff’s department for eight months now and believes he was targeted by the man because he was in uniform.

Officer Who Was Responding to the Assault Call Involved in Car Crash

After 911 was called and the assault was reported, an Overland officer was dispatched to the scene. However, on the way over, the officer’s patrol car was hit broadside at an intersection by a Jeep. The patrol vehicle did have its lights and sirens on before it was T-boned at the intersection. Both the officer and the driver of the Jeep were said to be okay.
The 26-year-old unidentified man who assaulted the deputy was arrested and charges were pending as of Wednesday. As for the deputy, it isn’t clear what sort of action he might take as the incident occurred only one day ago.
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Unfortunately, it seems as though both types of incidents described above both occur on a frequent basis. According to St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts, this isn’t the first time his deputies have been targeted. He also stated that this “illustrates the need for more training for his deputies.”
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