Racial profiling has been a rather serious issue here in the U.S. for many years and it appears it continues to be a problem for many still today. Back at the beginning of April, two black men were arrested at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia while waiting for another gentleman to arrive before conducting their business meeting. When they attempted to use the restroom, they were told they couldn’t as they weren’t paying customers and then were asked to leave by the shift manager. When they refused to leave seeing that it isn’t exactly a crime to hold a meeting at a Starbucks establishment nor is it to use their bathroom, the police were called, and they were arrested.
Unfortunately, two Native American teens experienced a similar encounter during their college tour in Colorado.
According to CNN, it has been a dream for 17-year-old Lloyd Skanahwati Gray and 19-year-old Thomas Kanewakeron Gray to attend Colorado State University and the teens finally were touring the campus to “see if it was a good fit for them.” Taking a college campus tour is an exciting time for anyone, but for these two teens, it quickly turned into a nightmare. A mother of another prospective student decided that the presence of these the two boys made her feel uncomfortable so she decided to call the police.
The boys, who had saved up their own money just so they could travel from New Mexico to Colorado to attend the campus tour, were pulled from the crowd and questioned. After Lloyd was able to provide the officers with an email confirmation showing he and his brother were registered for the tour, they were able to join back in, even though they missed a good portion of it.

What could have prompted the mother of a prospective student to call the police on the two teen boys?

CNN reported that the mother who called 911 felt uncomfortable after the boys arrived late to the tour. She said they were wearing dark clothing with “weird symbolism or wording on it.” She told the dispatcher that one of the boys had his hands in his pocket and when she asked one about what they planned to study, the other started laughing. She was then under the impression that they were lying to her.
A recording of the 911 call was released and the mother said that she believed one of them was from Mexico and that they “definitely were not a part of the tour.” After finding out the two boys were a part of the tour, she said she felt “ridiculous” as she had never called the police on anyone but that the situation made her feel “sick” at the time. Perhaps she didn’t realize most colleges provide educational opportunities to anyone and everyone, even Native Americans.
Tony Frank, who is the president of the Colorado State University, attempted to reach out to the Gray family but had no luck. He has publicly offered to reimburse the family for the travel expenses they incurred. Frank also stated, “The very idea that someone — anyone — might ‘look’ like they don’t belong on a CSU Admissions tour is anathema,” anyone and everyone is welcome at the university. And if you’re uncomfortable with a diverse and inclusive academic environment, then you probably have a better fit elsewhere.”
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The truth is, America has become an extremely diverse country, but there are still many individuals who fail to accept this. Some choose to racial profile while others judge based on a person’s skill color. And sadly, many find themselves dealing with unfortunate circumstances such as being arrested or interrogated by police because of this.
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