The parents of two teen boys are outraged after learning that their sons were not only charged for a crime they didn’t commit, but that they were “kidnapped” by the Nassau County Police Department earlier this month [Source: News 12 Long Island]. David and Mondy Tillery, residents of Roosevelt, say their sons were beaten by police during an encounter and held for hours without them being notified.

The encounter in question happened mid-day on January 21, 2020, while the boys were riding home friend a friend’s house. The two brothers, which were also accompanied by another male teen, were stopped by police after officers determined they fit the description of three juveniles who had allegedly assaulted a 32-year-old man 10 minutes prior. Mondy Tillery says that the officers beat the boys, slammed them on the ground, abused them, cursed at them, and mocked them.


They then proceeded to “psychologically torture” them for hours while the Tillery’s searched for their missing children. Mondy Tillery even says she was looking in dumpsters.


After hours had gone by and the Tillery’s grew more and more worried, they allegedly tracked their sons’ cellphones and that is when they found out their 14 and 15-year-old had been arrested for an assault. The family believes their sons were racially profiled while riding their bikes and were wrongfully arrested. As a result of the mistreatment their two teen boys had to undergo, the family decided to hire a police brutality attorney and announced their intentions to file suit against the Nassau County Police Department.

Nassau Police Deny Any Wrongdoing


Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder later issued a statement regarding the incident saying that after an investigation was conducted, it was determined that officers did nothing wrong and were acting within the scope of the law [Source: CBS Local New York]. Officers claimed that the boys not only fit the description that the assault victim provided them with, but that he also positively identified them. When the officers approached the teens because they believed they had just committed a crime, one allegedly tried to flee which resulted in him being charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

The Tillery’s, however, say that their cellphone tracking proves their sons were actually at a friend’s house at the time of the alleged crime. The family, their attorney, and community leaders have made it clear that they are not going to let this incident go away without a fight as they know the teens are not criminals.


If your teen was racially profiled by an officer, abused, beaten, or wrongfully arrested, you will need to retain a NY police brutality attorney if you wish to seek justice for this mistreatment. Many police departments stand by their officers after a use of force has been applied and won’t acknowledge any wrongdoing. However, when you are represented by an experienced police brutality lawyer who is capable of gathering the evidence you will need to prove your case, you stand a better chance at obtaining the justice your child deserves.

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