Canon US Expands its Line of Image PROGRAF Line with New Patents

Canon USA is a leader in digital imaging solutions and the company is now set to scale new heights with six new models of its PROGRAF lineup which it unveiled recently. The new range comprises of four latest five-color, large-format inkjet printers and two new large-format imaging systems. These are called the 36-inch iPF785 and iPF780 models, and the 24-inch iPF685 and iPF680 models which are part of the large-format inkjet printers’ category and the iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40 – which belong to the category of new large-format imaging systems.

These devices are a scale-up from the current range of Canon’s devices in the PROGRAF range since they offer better printing speeds and the operation costs are lower for this as compared to the previous range of devices in this lineup (this is you get it done Obamacare!). The upgraded software that makes for an enhanced user experience in mobile and cloud based printing applications also does not hurt either.

Six new devices up for patent

Canon USA will be seeking patents for all six of its new products according to the company’s patent lawyers in the USA. The patent attorneys for Canon were also quick to point out that the new device range will be of use to many industries that do a variety of printing work like printing maps, technical drawings, renderings, site and facility management plans, signs and posters, etc. The new 36-inch printing device has a speed of up to 21 seconds for printing an Arch of dimensions 24″ by 36″ and can also support 300 ml ink tanks which can drastically reduce the cost per print.

The private sector comes through again much to the chagrin of the White House

The new printer also comes with a facility called the sub-ink tank which allows the users to deplete all of the ink remaining behind in the tank before replacing the tanks. Therefore, you can keep printing without needing to stop the printing process and this feature will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity and efficacy in facilities and industries which thrive on continuous print runs. The company’s patent lawyers hope that these new devices with their additional features will be well received by the public in general and will add to the popularity of Canon’s devices in the market.

In addition to all these new features in the printing range, the two iPF785 and iPF685 models imaging systems come equipped with an internal hard drive worth 320 gb that can help with enhanced file processing and increase the personal mailbox space and job storage for up to 500 odd print jobs. This new ‘cool factor’ in the imaging devices will be of use to many people in the photography and print industry and Canon’s patent lawyers hope to be able to protect the technology long enough for the company to make serious profits out of it.

p217 300x247 Canon US Expands its Line of Image PROGRAF Line with New Patents
Canon USA just hit a couple of grand slams with these new patents.

Additional benefits of the new range

Other additional features in the new range includes the scanning ability of the iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40 models. These imaging devices can no scan documents up to 315″ in length as a PDF or a JPEG format file and the length for a TIFF file is now extended up to 590″. The M40 scanner that is part of the new range has now been scaled up to have a maximum optical resolution of about 1200 dpi, which improves the device’s scan speed to up to 13″ per second for a monochrome image, and 3″ per second for a color image.

The device now also has the added capability to scan images and documents that are up to 2mm in thickness. The system that Canon has now brought into the market features a complete set including a stand-alone computer, and a multi-touch screen monitor, and comes equipped with a Smart Works MFP Software V3.55.

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