Federal Verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung Saga could Change a Lot of Things

The Apple vs. Samsung war has been heating up for some time now. In 2011, the Steve Jobs’ company launched its iPad, unveiled the new iPhone 4S with Siri’s groundbreaking technology. It was also in 2011 that Apple lost its founder. And the year that the company known for its cutting edge technological innovations launched a patent war against archrival Samsung.

Samsung was accused of copying the design elements and other key features from the Apple devices which had made them so popular. And since then, there has been no end to the allegations and the counter allegations that these two companies have levied against each other.

$1 billion at stake for Samsung

In 2014, the legal offensive has inarguably hit the ceiling. Now, a federal appeals court in the country’s capital is the scene for the latest case in which Samsung’s patent lawyers are trying to get to the bottom of a $1 billion losing jury verdict.

The tech giant lost the case to Apple for allegedly violating Apple’s patents. And the verdict of the federals appeals court is being awaited with bated breath as patent attorneys around the country think it may be a redefining moment in the way courts in USA handle future patent arguments between tech companies who rely on the judiciary to solve feuds over innovations.

Apple seeks to prove that Samsung’s designs are copies

If the federal court’s decision sides with Apple, then it would be a big win for the company and it would prove their claim that Samsung’s recent popularity is only because they cheated and copied Apple’s already famous designs for their smart phones and tablets.

For Samsung, a ruling that would overturn the earlier jury verdict would mean a clincher and it would neutralize the patent war with Apple giving the Korean company some much needed respite. The makers of the famous and well received Galaxy line of mobile devices have long proclaimed that Apple’s patent lawyers have been using litigation as a means to stifle competition.

Case could be a watershed moment for industry

The mobile market is now flooded with Apple’s latest iPhone6, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a close competitor. The products involved in the original litigation―the iPhone 4 and others are not even sought after anymore but the verdict in this case will still be pivotal. Not only for Apple and Samsung, but also for other tech companies who may face similar patent litigations.

Mark Lemley, the director of Stanford’s law program, says that the $1 billion at stake and the fact that this verdict could possibly change the way smart phones are designed makes it one of the most important lawsuits in the history of the technological patents cases.

The big difference is is that Apple pays taxes that goes to American troops that help protect Samsung since Samsung operates out of a divided and broken country known as South Korea.

Back and forth

A San Jose jury had decided in 2012 that Samsung had violated Apple’s patents and trademark rights in 23 products and had awarded about $930 million in damages to the iPhone company. Earlier in 2014, another court verdict decreed that Samsung’s latest products too were in violation of Apple’s patents. It is this verdict that Samsung’s patent attorneys are now attempting to change in federal court.

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