A pedestrian in North Seattle had to be transported to Harborview Medical Center recently after being hit by a bus. The accident occurred along the 7700 block of Sand Point Way on Thursday, May 17th. Officials said the accident occurred just outside of Magnuson Park and while it was confirmed that the victim sustained injuries, Patch.com did not indicate the extent of those injuries.

How do I file a claim against the City of Seattle?

Although there are limited details regarding the bus accident mentioned above, if the victim is able to prove that bus driver displayed some sign of negligence, he/she may be able to recover compensation for the hospital bills as well as other damages he/she suffered as a result of the accident. While insurance companies will sometimes cover these expenses, victims of city bus accidents should also be aware of another way they can recover compensation for their injuries, and that is by filing a claim with the City of Seattle.
If the City of Seattle is at fault for an incident or accident that has resulted in loss, injury, or damages, you can file a claim requesting a payment for the expenses you incurred. Now, although it is best to consult with a Seattle, WA bus crash attorney prior to filing any paperwork or settling any claims, it can’t hurt to become aware of what the process is.

Steps to file a damage claim with the City of Seattle:


  1. You must download and submit either one of the following forms:


  1. Now, you have two options in terms of sending these forms in. You can either mail it to the following address:

City Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 94728
Seattle, WA 98124-4728
Or hand deliver it to the following address:
City Clerk’s Office
City Hall, 3rd floor
600 Fourth Ave.
(Between James and Cherry Streets)

  1. Your claim will be sent to the City’s Risk Management Office after it is received and you should receive a claim acknowledgment by mail, e-mail, or phone sometime after.


  1. The City’s Risk Management will then review it and either determine that it is valid and compensable or that it is not. Some of the possible resolutions include:
  • Receiving a sum of money.
  • Having your claim transferred to another party or entity.
  • Having your claim denied where there is no evidence of City negligence.

[Source: Seattle Finance and Administrative Services].
If you were injured in a bus crash and want to ensure you are awarded the maximum compensation for your injuries, contact a bus crash lawyer in Seattle today.
It is important to be mindful of the timeframe you have to submit a claim as well. This timeframe is referred to as the statute of limitations and the period of time varies based on the type of claim you are submitting. You can view a list of the types of actions recognized by the state of Washington along with the corresponding statute of limitations by clicking here.
Now, this can sometimes be confusing for the average person who has never had to file a claim with the City so if you would like help in determining your time limit to file or you have a general question, contact USAttorneys.com and we will get you connected with a local Seattle, WA bus accident lawyer immediately.

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