Pennsylvania Hair Salon Owner Sues Insurer in an Effort to Get the Business Interruption Coverage She Paid For

Businesses in Pennsylvania whose operations have been halted by the COVID-19 pandemic are scrambling to obtain financial relief from the sources that are known for providing it (i.e. insurance companies). But most are having a hard time. Rather than providing business owners with the business interruption coverage they have been paying for, they are instead, denying their claims and preparing to challenge business owners in court.


Owner of Fringe Hair and Nail Studio Sues Insurer Over Denied Coverage


After Ashlee Kissel’s hair and nail salon located in Harrisburg, PA was forced to close on March 17th, she turned to her insurer, Miller’s Mutual, for relief. Kissel told Local 21 News that she has nine people on payroll and hasn’t seen any revenue since her business operations were paused. After filing a claim with her insurer, Kissel received a denial letter stating that “because there is no physical damage to the building, Fringe is not eligible for coverage.” Unfortunately, this is the same argument insurers have been using to deny claims submitted from other business owners who are also seeking financial relief for COVID-19 losses.

In response to the denial letter, Kissel decided to retain a Pennsylvania insurance claims denial lawyer who helped her file a lawsuit against Miller’s Mutual. According to Kissel’s lawyer, “[insurers] have an obligation to the consumer, if you get a premium, you pay the coverage.” While insurance companies might agree with this statement, what they don’t agree with, is that they are required to cover claims associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, insurance companies all across the U.S. are claiming that they do not offer coverage for claims stemming from losses associated with viruses, bacteria, or pandemics. Kissel’s attorney acknowledged that he has yet to see an insurance company in any state pay one of these claims. Despite the stance insurers have taken, business owners may still be able to obtain the coverage they are due with the help of a skilled Pennsylvania insurance claims denial attorney.


Hiring an insurance claims attorney in Pennsylvania after your business interruption claim was denied.

Although business owners across the U.S. are feeling the financial strain the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, there is still hope that they may be able to recover the money they are due from the insurance coverage they paid for. But they are going to need an insurance claims lawyer to help them. So, if your insurer recently denied your business interruption claim and you are looking to get the decision reversed, USAttorneys.com is here to help you find the best Pennsylvania insurance claims denial lawyers in your area who are ready to help you exercise your legal rights as a policyholder.

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