Shortly after a truck accident, a person should expect to communicate with their insurer to figure out how much money they are entitled to receive so they can pay for their damages. The unfortunate truth is most insurance companies will give a very low initial offer in the hopes that the insured individual is unaware of their rights. If a person signs the initial settlement agreement with them there is not much that can be done legally to help a person get a higher settlement amount after that.

If a person’s insurance company reaches out to them after a truck accident with a settlement offer a person should always call their truck accident lawyer first and ask them if the amount being offered is reasonable or not. Most of the time, the amount offered will be much lower than what a person is entitled to.

If an attorney determines this is the case, they can give a counteroffer, and through presenting legal arguments the insurer will be obliged to give a higher amount. The two parties will continue going back and forth until a fair amount is agreed upon. If the insurer refuses to respond or if they refuse to give a higher settlement, the matter can be taken to court.

When it gets to this point and an insurance company is taken to court on the count of not acting in good faith and unnecessarily delaying compensation, they can be penalized by being forced to give an even larger settlement amount than was originally required.

How much settlement am I entitled to after getting into a truck accident?

The total amount a person gets varies from case to case. Calling a lawyer who specializes in dealing with truck accident cases and explaining one’s situation to them is the best way to get an idea of how much money a person is entitled to.

The basic rule of thumb is the more a person suffered, the more they will receive. A person must be able to prove that they suffered financial losses due to the negligence of the truck driver or the negligence of another party. Once the fault is proven, a person simply must present the damages they suffered, and they will be compensated enough to cover their losses. In extreme cases a person may be entitled to demand more compensation based on the emotional pain they suffered or as punitive damages to penalize the guilty party for their unexplainable negligence.

The good news is most truck drivers are thoroughly insured and they often have more than enough coverage to pay for the damages experienced.

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