How Do I File a Wrongful Death Claim on Behalf of my Loved One?

Losing someone close to us or a person who is a direct relative is never easy to overcome. It takes a significant amount of time to even move past the mourning stages of a wrongful death, and often times, we never truly are able to accept the fact that our loved one is gone. But understanding what you can do and the legal options that are available to you may just be what you need to help ease you through this process. Your loved one would have wanted justice to be served, and filing a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of a reputable personal injury attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana is one step that you may want to consider taking.

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Filing a wrongful death claim can help family’s receive justice and compensation for their loss.

A wrongful death is when someone is killed by a negligent individual. Many times these cases arise in the form of an accident, and the death wasn’t necessarily intentional. Unfortunately, without your loved one, many suffer from a loss, the loss of not having their companion, love, or that person present any longer who provided them with the moral support they required.

Personal injury lawyers in Shreveport, Louisiana also point out that not all wrongful death cases arise directly after a mishap. For example, if your loved one was harmed during a surgical procedure, and they were able to come out of it alive, the true tragedy may not strike until weeks later after the medical mistake was made.

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Be sure to look into whether or not your loved one had a personal injury lawsuit already filed.

In some cases, this injured person may have already filed a personal injury lawsuit against the careless individual or entity, which is definitely something to consider bringing up upon hiring a reputable personal injury law firm in Shreveport. But, when the time comes for you to decide if you want to take legal action against the unwarranted death of someone you love, there are certain things to take into account.

In the state of Louisiana, you are permitted to file a wrongful death claim within one year from the date of the death. Shreveport, Louisiana personal injury lawyers also note that you must be legally permitted to file this type of claim as the law limits who is able to do so. Therefore, the first person who would be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit would be:

  1. Spouse
  2. Children, if the decedent had any
  3. Parents
  4. Brothers and sisters
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Hiring a personal injury attorney in Louisiana is the most efficient way to get your wrongful death claim filed.

If your child was the unfortunate victim to an accident that was brought on by a reckless individual, then you as the parent would be approved to file a wrongful death claim in the state of Louisiana.

Now, as mentioned, it can be quite valuable to have a personal injury law firm specializing in wrongful deaths working on your side. Morris Bart, LLC is a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney conveniently located in Shreveport, and has won over $1 million in settlements. Not only can he get your claim filed in a timely manner, but also fight for a favorable outcome for you and your family.


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