What is the Difference Between Mediation or Arbitration?

Personal injury cases have the potential to run smoothly and get settled within a few weeks or months. Unfortunately, sometimes, individuals run into issues when they believe that after being involved in an auto accident or were the victim of a slip or fall, that their insurance company simply isn’t supplying them with that it is they need to move past this unfortunate circumstance. When issues such as this arise, and an agreement cannot be made between you and your insurance claims adjuster, several things can occur, which has prompted Biloxi, Mississippi personal injury lawyers nearby to focus on two of these options in the event you are facing a similar struggle with your own insurer. They are: mediation and arbitration.

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When a settlement cannot be reached with your insurer, mediation or arbitration is an option.

While some personal injury cases do require a court process to occur as the insurance company may have been acting out of bad faith or has failed to comply with the terms of their policy holder’s agreement, before jumping to that method, there are other options you have before having to take your claim to court. Injury attorneys in Biloxi are fist covering medication. When an injured individual and an insurance claims adjuster simply cannot come to an agreement, they have the option of hiring a mediator, of course both must agree on who is going to serve in this role.


A mediator is a third party that comes in with a neutral viewpoint to get your dispute settled. There is a fee that is usually associated with hiring a mediator, and both you are the insurer are going to be required to split these costs. Most mediation processes are not binding, which means if you and the insurer still cannot come to terms on what your claim is worth and what you should be compensated, the next step is arbitration.

This is a more “forceful” approach when an insurance company isn’t complying with your demands after being injured in a personal injury accident, and you may want to consider hiring a reputable and experienced personal injury attorney to assist throughout it.

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All involved parties must be in agreement when proceeding on with arbitration.

During arbitration, another third party with a neutral viewpoint is brought in, however, in most cases where arbitration occurs, the terms of the agreement are binding and must be signed off on prior to beginning the process. The arbitrator takes the role similar to a judge and listens to both sides from each involved party. You want your Biloxi, Mississippi personal injury lawyer there guiding you and advising you to ensure you cover all grounds when explaining your side of the story.


An arbitrator will deliberate and come to a decision, however, in most cases, you will be informed through the mail of their determination. Now, if you have recently decided to take your personal injury claim through mediation or arbitration and are seeking legal assistance, then you want to consider contacting Morris Bart, LTD. This team of reputable injury attorneys understand the ins and outs of personal injury cases and are willing and able to assist you with your case.

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