Pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions of dollars each year while the opioid drugs they produce are killing innocent people or landing many behind bars. These two sheriffs believe now is the time to bring the issue to an end and have enlisted the help of highly regarded injury attorneys from Laborde Earles Law Firm.
Sheriffs from Avoyelles and Rapides parish are taking legal action against the pharmaceutical companies that produce opioid drugs that are consumed by many individuals across the U.S., but primarily in Louisiana. Many individuals taking these drugs find themselves relying heavily on them which not only can lead to an overdose, but also to an addiction. Some are left with no choice but to take the drug as they risk suffering from physical or mental pain without them. But, both Sheriff William Hilton and Sheriff Doug Anderson feel that the pharmaceutical companies should take some of the responsibility for the number of deaths and incarcerations that have occurred all because of the consumption of these drugs.
In 2012 alone, there were approximately 155 deaths and overdoses from opioid drugs and that number has since climbed to about 300 in 2016. Too many individuals are either being prescribed opioids and taking far more than they should, becoming addicted, or are getting them from another source to help them cope with the pain and/or issues they may be struggling with. The two sheriffs along with the Centers for Disease Control and the Louisiana Department of Health are all putting forth the effort to combat this epidemic that has affected many people living in the state of Louisiana.
According to, the Centers for Disease Control has already awarded nearly $1,000,000 that is expected to be used to track these opioid overdose cases and to help with prevention and response strategies. The Louisiana Department of Health is using federal grants to combat the opioid problem in Louisiana as well.
Many individuals are overdosing on opioid drugs and it is time the pharmaceutical companies take some of the responsibility.

Opioid Drug Use is Becoming the Top Cause of Death Among Individuals in the U.S.

“Last year there were more opioid-related deaths in the U.S. than there were automobile related deaths or gun violence-related deaths.” Those are the words straight from a personal injury lawyer at Smith Stag Law Firm. The firm has stepped up to take on the case that is going against pharmaceutical companies and recognizing them for the deadly drugs they are producing and continue to develop. Currently, the number of prescription medications being distributed outweighs the actual number of residents living in the state of Louisiana.
Many of the individuals who currently take opioid drugs receive them from their doctor. Aside from doctors becoming reliant on just writing out a prescription and sending a patient on their way, Sheriff Hilton also pointed out that these companies leave many with a false impression of what they do vs. the effects they truly have on you. He stated, “You look at the dozens and dozens and dozens of drug commercials for pharmaceutical companies, to me, as a parent and grandparent, all that is doing is teaching our kids that there is a drug that will fix any problem that I may have.”
Opioid overdoses and addictions have become a huge problem for Louisiana residents and law enforcement officers. Jails are being overrun with individuals who have developed an addiction to opioid drugs and need more support and treatment rather than being thrown in a jail cell. The attorneys at the firm are handling the case bro-bono, which means taxpayer dollars aren’t being used. If they are successful with the lawsuit, “the payout will be used for treatment programs.”
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