The quick answer to this much-asked question is Yes. Multiple parties can be held accountable after a truck accident occurs. However, the truth is that only a thorough analysis of the situation by a legal professional can help the victims discern who they need to file a claim against.

Once the exact reason for the accident is understood, the claim process can be pursued, and the negligent parties can be legally questioned. If the expert analyses conclude that it was likely only one party caused the accident to take place, only that one party can be litigated against. However, if there is evidence to prove that others are at fault too, this can become a multi-party case.

In small accidents, it is usually only the other driver who is confronted with the claim, but trucks are very different since there are various parties involved and not just the truck driver. For instance, any trucks are actually owned by the trucking company and not by the truck driver and there are many legal regulations these companies are expected to adhere to. Often, a truck accident occurs because these rules were not followed as per required protocol.

Finding an attorney near me is the best step that can be taken once a person gets into a serious accident involving these large commercial vehicles.

What to Do If the Trucking Company Resists Fault in Philadelphia, PA?

The truth is that anyone who files a truck accident claim will usually face resistance from the company. This is so because the company has hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on the line that they are not willing to lose. A strong legal team will often come forward after a claim is filed and that is why it is so important for a person to make sure they have an expert lawyer on their side to help them navigate through the process.

The trauma suffered after a truck accident is something to take very seriously, and those that force themselves to try and deal with everything on their own will likely end up settling for a lot less than what they actually deserve. A lawyer can take care of legal matters while the victim focuses on more important matters such as recovering and healing from the injuries and noneconomic losses they suffered at the hands of the negligent party.

Whether the liable individual is the truck driver, the truck company, or a third party, they will be contacted, and with the right steps followed justice can be served to those who suffered at their hands.



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