An accident in the Phoenix area at a waterfront resulted in two victims being electrocuted and one man dying from similar injuries. 

Several people are electrocuted at a lake and one dies

A woman from Scottsdale who was present at the Lake Pleasant area during the incident told the local news outlets and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office what had happened. Two brothers, each with their wives, were at the lake at around 6:30 pm that evening. A 53 year old male who was part of the group went into the water. The police believe that he experienced some kind of injury and symptoms related to being shocked by electricity shortly after entering the water. This first victim’s 50 year old brother jumped into the water to assist him. However, it became obvious that he was having the same issues immediately after entering the water. One of the wives present was the third victim to enter the water and assist only to be electrocuted herself. 

The first victim was pulled underwater, and his remains were not recovered until the following morning by a dive team. The other two were eventually able to get out and were treated for their injuries at a local hospital. 

The woman who survived the incident was traumatized, but she also wanted to tell her story to get others to be careful. During the summer months, many people relax at lakefront areas throughout the country, but it is important to keep safety in mind. Thankfully, other witnesses who had pulled into the area on their boat saw what was happening and attempted to help. Some of the individuals who went into the water later to help did not seem to be electrocuted, although the water was probably still charged from whatever source caused the disturbance. 

There were docks and boating equipment in the area, and the incident was still being investigated to determine who may have been responsible for the electric current in the water. The local sheriff’s office said that the lake and bay area seems to be safe, while lawyers for the victims are utilizing the services of private investigators. 

Lawsuits after accidents

Unfortunately, people get seriously hurt or die from all kinds of accidents that cannot be predicted. News stories such as this show that people can be injured during even the most mundane activities. When tragedy strikes, it is important to get legal help to offset various losses related to medical treatment and lost income.

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