Phoenix construction worker was injured and died in the downtown area

Certain occupations expose workers to very dangerous situations that can result in life changing injuries or death. When this happens, it is important to discuss the matter with a local legal professional who focuses on personal injury law.  

A fatal accident happened at a construction site on the Arizona State University Campus in downtown Phoenix. 

Young worker succumbs to his injuries

Police responded to a job site after receiving an emergency call related to a possible workplace accident. The situation began at around 11:40am on a Tuesday morning near the intersections of Van Buren Street and the 300 block of North 1st Ave. A local police sergeant immediately began to speak with officials from Arizona State University and OSHA to gather more information. All three entities are expected to collaborate on the investigation.   

The 27 year old male victim was brought to a local hospital by emergency workers, but he was pronounced dead shortly afterward. Police were still on the scene looking for the exact cause of the accident when the news report was published. 

The job site was for the construction of a new ASU dorm, and work was started in the area just over a week earlier. The general contractor managing the site was DPR Construction, but they released a statement that the victim was working for a different subcontractor.  

Dangers associated with workplaces

Job sites where heavy machinery and dangerous materials are used, create serious hazards for workers nearby. It is possible that safety codes and regulations may have been ignored or neglected by supervising employees. There are also many other reasons why an accident might happen, including mistakes by other workers or unsecured building materials. 

If the business that was responsible for the work was negligent in any way, they can be served with a civil injury lawsuit that asks for damages to cover the victim’s costs. If the victim dies as in the news story above, the family will receive these damages through a wrongful death claim.  

How much do these lawsuits pay out to victims?

There is usually no simple answer to the question of how much a victim can earn from their lawsuit. However, there are some general guiding principles that will help victims prepare for a meeting with an attorney.

The severity of the accident and injuries is always very important. Someone who experiences minor inconveniences after being hurt at work may only be paid workers compensation for missed hours. However, someone who is unable to function normally or dies due to the accident will receive a much larger award of damages. 

Speak with a local lawyer about your injuries

There are attorneys who work with accident victims and their families in the Phoenix metro area. To learn more, contact:

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