Multiple agencies in the Phoenix area responded to an incident involving car collisions, rollovers, and a fire that broke out.

State road quickly becomes the scene of multiple accidents

The Phoenix Fire Department initially received a call about an armored car that had caught on fire near Loop 202 and State Road 143 southbound. Two rollover crashes also happened in the same area. 

Authorities believed the incident with the armored car began when the driver suddenly drifted to the left off of the road and into a concrete barrier. The vehicle then rolled over and fell down into a drainage ditch area, which caused the fire. Police do not know exactly what caused the driver to leave the road. The driver of the armored car was pulled out by witnesses before the fire spread through the vehicle, but another adult male passenger in the rear of the car was found dead at a later time.

While Phoenix and Tempe firefighters worked to control the blaze at the armored car, two rollover accidents happened nearby. There were at least two injuries reported from these other accidents. The southbound lanes of State Road 143 were reopened several hours later after the area was secured.

In total, one person died and two others had to be taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. The Arizona Department of Public Safety will be handling the full investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident.

Why is the cause of an accident important from a legal standpoint?

When someone is hurt in an accident, they can use the report generated by law enforcement or a fire department as evidence to show who was at fault. These documents usually contain an opinion from an officer with special training in accident evaluation about what occurred at the scene in the moments leading up to the crash. 

The plaintiff in the lawsuit can argue that the driver or business who was responsible for their injuries must pay out a fair level of compensation based on the extent of the damage. The legal term for this sum of money that is paid out is damages, and calculating this amount is one of the most complex aspects of a civil injury lawsuit.

Determining damages and the value of a case

The final total of damages is usually a calculation of all medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, and other problems tied to the accident. However, each state’s negligence laws can also affect this amount. For example, comparative or contributory negligence can limit or exclude some drivers from collecting based on the specifics of the accident. 

Speak with an accident attorney in Phoenix

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