Pennsylvania – May 9, 2022

A man from Pittsburgh’s Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood who was high on heroin when he struck and killed a bicyclist in Bell Acres about two years ago pleaded guilty Monday. Police received reports about a possibly impaired driver swerving on Nicholson Road at Wexford-Bayne Road just after noon May 23, 2020, according to Assistant District Attorney Alex Cashman. Around the same time, police in Bell Acres were called to the 700 block of Big Sewickley Creek Road for a report of a hit-and-run involving a bicyclist. The cyclist was flown by helicopter to UPMC Presbyterian in Shadyside and died at 1:48 p.m. of blunt force trauma. During an interview with police, Miller admitted to having used heroin that day and “bumping” into a person on a bike. Survivors and loved ones of accident victims may ask themselves: “Where can I find attorneys near me?” to access insurance funds for funeral and burial costs and guidance to address anticipated negative changes to a family’s financial stability through personal injury litigation, or insurance compensation.

Criminal and civil cases.

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the State of Pennsylvania and if injuries, damages, or wrongful death occurred as a result, an experienced personal injury attorney can help with a claim for compensation and a wrongful death action. When accidents involving criminal charges occur, responsibility in a personal injury case may be influenced by the negligence proven in the criminal action where the defendant’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing the resulting injuries and damages. Title 42, Chapter 83 of the Pennsylvania General Statutes, Section 8301  defines a wrongful death as one that is “caused by the wrongful act or neglect or unlawful violence or negligence of another.” A wrongful death claim may be filed even if a criminal case has already been filed in the state, based on the circumstances surrounding the same death.

Damage compensation.

When negligence can be proven, compensation for any loss sustained as a result of a vehicle accident may be possible in the State of Pennsylvania.  Call an accident attorney who can help support negligence by assigning “fault” in a legal proceeding that addresses property damage, physical injuries, and wrongful death. Damages that may be recovered include:

  • Medical bills
  • Current and future compensation losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of care, companionship
  • Estate administration expenses
  • Funeral expenses if a wrongful death occurs

Insurance and compensation.

Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system, a driver may turn to his or her own insurance company for compensation for injuries up to the personal injury protection, or “PIP” limit, regardless of fault. Drivers also have the right to circumvent Pennsylvania’s no-fault law and proceed directly against the at-fault driver under certain circumstances, including wrongful death claims.

Hire legal counsel.

Vehicle accidents are complex and often require involved research, so it is wise to contact an experienced attorney at Scanlon & Wojton, LLC, who can exercise their best legal practices to ensure a positive result.

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