Pickup Truck Accident Takes the Lives of Three in Maricopa, Arizona

Operating a larger vehicle can be difficult and the individual driving the larger vehicle should always stay vigilant if they want to ensure they maintain proper control of the vehicle. A sudden loss of control in such vehicles is not uncommon, as was dsiplayed on November 29 in Maricopa, Arizona.

4 Individuals who were driving southbound lost control of their pickup truck and hit the median. Once in the median, there was a truck heading northbound which collided headfirst with the pickup truck. The damage was severe, and three of the four passengers, Rau Molina, Juana Molina, and Dominic Dixon were pronounced dead. The fourth passenger was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. The exact reason for the pickup truck losing control was not determined. However, it was determined that the driver of the semi-truck which collided with the pickup truck sustained no injuries.

The Arizona Department of Transportation, The Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the GRP Traffic Unit investigated this case.

When the collision is so intense and causes so many fatalities it can be hard to determine who was at fault. Hiring an accident lawyer is a good option for anyone who has gotten into a serious accident. It can take some serious investigation and the need for an adequate amount of evidence to prove that a certain party was at-fault for the collision.

Since lawyers are very well educated on the legal rulings governing the distribution of compensation and they also have the real-life experience as well, they can assist a person in following the legal route which will be most likely to win them proper compensation.

Who will claim damages?

In the Arizona truck accident mentioned above, nearly all the passengers involved were killed in the accident and investigators were unable to determine who was at-fault for the accident. However, there was one passenger (who was unnamed) who had to be transported to the hospital to have their injuries immediately treated.

This fourth passenger will most probably be able to claim for their medical bills, and if the other passengers who were killed happened to be their family members, they can claim for loss of a loved one as well. Furthermore, other family members such as parents or spouses of the 3 passengers who were killed can launch an investigation to find out who was at fault and to try and get compensated for the anguish they experienced. It is integral that a person hires a truck accident attorney because they will need help digging into the case to collect evidence that will prove the passengers lost their lives due to the negligence of the truck driver or a third party.

Further investigation into the case could reveal that the road had not been maintained properly and that is what actually lead to the pickup truck losing control. If this was the case, then government entities responsible for maintaining the roads could be held to account and be required to provide compensation to the family members who lost their loved ones and to the passenger who was severely injured.

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