Phoenix was sued by an Arizona couple on June 13th, 2019 after two officers threatened to shoot the family. The incident occurred on May 29th, 2019 when the four-year daughter appeared to have taken a doll from the dollar store they visited.

Police Officer Drew His Gun on the Unarmed Family

Dravon Ames, with his pregnant fiancé, Iesha Harper and their two kids, were at a Family Dollar Store when unknown to the couple, their daughter took a doll from the store.

A Phoenix police officer followed them to their car and approached with his gun drawn. The officer started threatening the family about shooting them in the face. Reports state that the threat was made loudly in front of the children who were in the backseat.

The officer proceeded to pull Ames from the vehicle and pushed his head on the pavement, forcefully handcuffed him and kicked him in the right leg. The officer did not stop and punched Ames in the back after he collapsed on the ground.

The horrifying experience did not end there for the couple. The second officer grabbed the pregnant fiancé and tried to snatch at her baby. The woman called an eyewitness to take the baby and the little girl. She was detained and handcuffed after that.

Video of the Arrest Found

The two were not detained for long or ticketed. However, the couple has decided to sue the department for emotional distress, unlawful imprisonment, and false arrest.

Residents of a nearby apartment complex made the video once the police officer drew the gun and started shouting expletives at the couple. The encounter took place near 36th Street and Roosevelt.

The video made of the white police officer apprehending the young African American man has been called chilling by experts.

Civil Rights Remedy to Police Misconduct

Almost all actions against governmental entities, like city of Phoenix or state of Arizona and police officers is covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 which can be found in Section 1983 of the United States Code. It takes an experienced police misconduct lawyer to understand the various nuances of this act and use them appropriately in litigation.

However, not every victim of police brutality or misconduct can file a 1983 action case. It is important for a police misconduct attorney to ensure their client meets the necessary requirements. It is necessary that victims of police brutality retain an attorney as quickly as possible so as to give the attorney enough time to determine the right course of legal action.

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