Porch Pirates Causing Mayhem Across the Nation

Porch pirates are causing mayhem across the nation as lawmakers struggle to hold them accountable. As more Americans turn to online shopping, criminals are brazenly walking up to people’s porches, nabbing expensive packages, and slipping away without being caught. This problem has reached an all-time high in the United States, and various states are now creating new laws to punish these thieves. If you live in the United States, there’s a strong chance you’ve experienced this problem firsthand.

New Jersey Creates New Laws Against Porch Pirates

In early 2022, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey created tough laws against porch pirates in an effort to address the issue. Under previous laws, thieves in New Jersey faced penalties based on the dollar value of the items stolen. Under Murphy’s new porch pirate bill, these thieves would face up to five years in prison — regardless of what was inside the package they stole.

Cargo Trains Are Now Being Targeted

In a throwback to the Wild West, cargo trains are now being robbed once again in the United States. Train heists in Los Angeles have prompted Governor Newsom to visit the city and express his dismay. It seems as though these porch pirates are not satisfied with simply stealing packages from people’s homes, and they are now going straight to the source instead.

Colorado Takes a Different Approach

Colorado has also taken steps to address the incursion of porch pirates, but their strategy is less punitive in nature. Instead of creating tougher laws against porch pirates, a Denver lawmaker has suggested rewarding the victims of these thefts instead. His new law involves giving tax credits to victims of porch pirates — although the bill has not been signed.

Georgia Porch Pirates Face Felony Charges

Georgia has also taken strong measures against porch pirates, creating new felony charges separate from the crime of theft. If porch pirates nab packages from three or more addresses, they face felony charges — although a judge can lower that charge down to a misdemeanor if they see fit.

Porch Pirate Steals Medication from Veteran in Virginia

In late December of 2021, a porch pirate grabbed a package from a veteran’s porch in Norfolk, Virginia. That package contained vital medication that the veteran was depending on for PTSD. Without this medication, the Navy veteran has traumatic dreams of what she experienced during her term of service.

Porch Pirates are Difficult to Catch

Despite these new laws and concerns, porch pirates are proving difficult to catch. This is because they commit their crimes in quiet areas when everyone is at work, and they often wear masks or face coverings when approaching the porches. Even if these individuals are caught on camera, it can be very difficult for police officers to track them down.

30% of Americans Say They Have Been Victimized by Porch Pirates

According to a recent poll, more than 30% of Americans admit that they have been victimized by porch pirates in the past. This is a notable increase from last year when just 18% of Americans said they had experienced this issue.


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