Port Authority Bus involved in a 15-vehicle pile-up near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania – November 23, 2021

 An overnight pile-up in the South Hills was likely caused by icy conditions following a water main break.  Among the 15 vehicles involved in the crash was a Port Authority bus. No injuries were immediately reported and vehicles were cleared so traffic could resume. Accident victims who were subject to property damage, or invisible injury that may not have been transparent at the time of the accident should contact bus accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Scanlon & Wojton.  They can guide insurance claims processing activities and litigation if it becomes necessary to recover damages.

Bus safety.

The National Highway Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) defines a bus as a motor vehicle designed primarily to transport nine, or more persons, including the driver.  The size of the bus and the number of passengers always increases the catastrophic outcomes when a bus is involved in an accident.  If an individual is hurt, or a loved one has been harmed because of a bus accident, an experienced bus accident attorney can build a winning case for damage compensation. Attorneys are aware of carrier responsibilities and the laws that regulate inter and intrastate travel and driver proficiency in order to keep passengers safe from unnecessary accidents.  Negligence will need to be proven by and fault could be placed on a bus driver, an owner,  a manufacturer for mechanical error, other drivers, or a bus company manager who decides the transportation route a bus will follow.

Duty of care.

Legal responsibility for common carriers mandates a higher level of care because of paid  services to the public.  Non-commercial drivers are required to operate vehicles with reasonable care, but a common carrier must utilize  a higher degree of care to ensure the safety of passengers, and the public they serve.  When bus drivers, or companies do not observe the higher duty, it can be considered an act of negligence when injury, or property damage occurs.  A bus accident attorney will be able to outline the special rules that apply when a passenger is injured as a result of a bus accident.

Driver requirements.

Bus drivers have different demands by regulation as to their safe ability to operate a passenger carrier.  The specific medically disqualifying conditions found Under 49 CFR 391.41 are hearing loss, vision loss, epilepsy, and insulin use. Most commercial bus drivers are required  to have commercial drivers’ licenses (CDL).  The CDL regulations provide that “no person shall operate” a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)s before passing the written and driving tests required for that vehicle (§383.23(a)(1)).


Parties who may be held responsible after a bus accident.

  • Driver of other vehicle,
  • Government agency who controls bus,
  • Owner(s) of bus as employer,
  • Driver of bus,
  • Commercial insurer of bus,
  • Regulatory agency supporting bus safety on issues of bus manufacturer and parts manufacturer,
  • Licensing agencies of privately owned and public transit vehicles, city, county, or state.

Recoverable damages.

  • Medical bills and burial expenses,
  • Compensation for lost wages,
  • Compensation for pain and suffering,
  • Punitive damages that are intended to punish the person who caused the death.

Hire a lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer who has experience with complex insurance claims and bus accident litigation settlements can assist victims toward relief in the form of damage compensation. Scanlon & Wojton will fight for comprehensive damage awards for personal injuries and property damage reimbursement after a bus crash in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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