Workers’ compensation insurance helps sick and injured workers obtain the medical care they need so they are able to get better and return to work quicker. While most employers are required to carry this type of insurance and provide coverage to eligible employees, there are times when coverage is denied, or a claimant has their workers’ comp claim closed before it should have been. When a worker in Portland, OR has had their workers’ compensation claim closed incorrectly or before they finished care, they do have the option of appealing the decision given they believe the claim was closed in error.

How is this done?

When a worker disagrees with their claim closure, they can appeal it by submitting a request to the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division to reconsider the decision. Any employee looking to appeal a claim closure must submit their request for reconsideration within 60 days from when their Notice of     Closure was mailed, not from the day they received the notice. In order to submit a request, a Portland, OR worker can use the Request for Reconsideration form which can be downloaded from the Workers’ Compensation Division’s website.


Supplying Evidence to Support Your Request


Workers who decide to submit an appeal need to understand that they will be asked to supply evidence to support their request. For example, if a worker believes their claim was closed too early, they will need to identify why their claim should have remained open. Because an injured or ill worker already has enough on their plate, the last thing they should have to deal with is filing an appeal along with supporting evidence just to continue receiving the benefits they are entitled to. Therefore, if an injured or ill worker in Portland, OR would like assistance with filing their appeal so they can continue focusing on getting better, they should contact Welch, Bruun & Green to discuss their issue with a Portland, OR workers’ compensation lawyer.


Welch, Bruun & Green Will Fight for Workers’ Comp Coverage When Benefits are Due


The Portland, OR workers’ compensation lawyers at Welch, Bruun & Green understand the important role workers’ comp benefits play in the recovery process and will do all that they can to help a worker obtain the benefits they need after they have been denied or canceled. If a worker in Portland would like to learn more about the services the lawyers at Welch, Bruun & Green provide and how they can help an injured or ill worker resolve their workers’ comp issues, call 503-221-0870 for a free consultation.


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