Precautions We Should Be Taking as Florida Begins to Relax COVID-19 Restrictions

As Florida’s Governor begins to relax COVID-19 restrictions, we can expect that more and more people will be spending more of their time outdoors. For the last few weeks, Florida residents have been cooped up inside their homes, many only leaving the house for groceries, medical supplies, or other essential items. With more businesses and public places being given the green light to open, now is a good time to remind ourselves of the precautions we should be taking while out driving, walking, or even bike riding.

Although the COVID-19 virus has already claimed over 49,000 lives in the U.S. alone and will continue to take more, we shouldn’t forget that motor vehicle accidents do serve as a leading cause of death in the U.S. In 2018, 33,654 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred that resulted in the death of 36,560 people. Among those that were killed in car crashes in 2018, 3,133 died in accidents that occurred in Florida.


3 Precautions Floridians Should Start Taking Now as State Eases COVID-19 Restrictions


  1. Avoid driving while distracted. Although you may have been spending a significant amount of time inside your home and on your cellphone to pass the time by, it’s time to put those devices away if you plan on going out for a drive, a bike ride, or for a walk. Remember, distracted driving kills. In 2018, 2,841 people died from distracted driving accidents.
  2. Never drink and drive. While many who have been stuck indoors have turned to alcohol to reduce stress or to help pass the time by, never should you get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having consumed any amount of alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that every day, 29 people in the U.S. die in a motor vehicle crash that involves an alcohol-impaired driver. Although that statistic might have fluctuated as a result of stay at home orders, they will likely rise back up once things begin getting back to normal.
  3. Be cautious when out walking. If you decide to go for a walk, remember, you should be utilizing the sidewalk if one is available. In the event there is no sidewalk, you should be walking facing traffic and as far away from it as possible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that in 2018, 6,283 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the U.S.


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