Product liability insurance: When does a Florida business need it?

River Forest, FL—The products that consumers purchase to use and consume are not created equal. Some of are better quality while others are more durable. Some are healthier while others may contain questionable ingredients. The point is, there are products on the market that may potentially pose a risk to someone’s health and wellbeing.

While most business owners work hard to avoid selling harmful products, there are times when a manufacturer may supply them with a defective or toxic product, which in turn, causes their customers to suffer injuries or become sick. Although the manufacturers that supply these harmful products are likely to face legal ramifications, that doesn’t always mean the business owner who sold it is off the hook.

Therefore, business owners must safeguard themselves from claims that may be brought against them. They can do this by purchasing product liability insurance.


What is product liability insurance?


Product liability insurance is a type of coverage that will protect a business owner in Florida should a customer bring a claim against them. for example, if an item malfunctioned, causing a customer to suffer an injury, they could file a product liability lawsuit against the business, especially if the company was responsible for creating the product.

Product liability insurance will not only pay for the medical care the injured customer may need, but it will also cover legal costs and even settlements given the court awards.1


How to purchase product liability insurance?


Business owners sometimes purchase product liability insurance without even realizing it. This is because some insurance companies will include in the business’s general liability insurance. If product liability insurance isn’t included in a business’s liability policy, they do have the option of purchasing it as a standalone policy.


Why is product liability insurance important?


Although all businesses can benefit from purchasing product liability insurance, it is especially important for smaller entities to have this coverage. If a claim is brough against a business, they will not only be responsible for covering legal fees, including hiring a Florida business law attorney, but they will also be financially liable for paying an injured party any damages the court awards them.

Because most businesses cannot afford to take a financial loss of this magnitude, they instead, rely on their insurance carrier to cover some or all of these expenses.


Have product liability lawsuit questions?


If a business is being threatened with a product liability lawsuit, a River Forest, FL business law lawyer will help a business owner address the issue, provide them with legal defense, and ensure all resources are exhausted before a business owner is liable for paying an injured party anything out of pocket, given they have a valid claim.


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