There are two main categories of divorce. Contested and uncontested. Anyone who is going through a separation with their partner will need to understand the difference between the two so they can go through the legalities with ease and without unwarranted complications arising.

A contested divorce is a lot more complex than an uncontested one. Contested means that one of the spouses does not agree with some aspects of the divorce. When this occurs, the judge holds a trial, listens to witness testimonies, and makes decisions regarding who wins and who loses. If a person is lucky enough to go through an uncontested or mutual divorce, there is no need to go to a judge for trial and the spouses can agree on all the issues so they can end their marriage without further delay.

There are many benefits of an uncontested divorce. For one thing, a person will be able to save a lot of time and money as they will not have to constantly go to court as much. However, if a person believes there is something they need to speak out against with regards to the divorce they should not be afraid of going in front of a judge.

With the right evidence presented and the right witness statements brought forward, a person may be able to win their case. No matter what side a person is on, they should opt to get the help of a lawyer so they can get through the divorce while understanding their rights and legal standing and continue on with their lives.

When can an uncontested divorce be filed in Queens, New York?

Anyone who wants to file an uncontested divorce can do so if they agree with their spouse on the following issues:

  • They agree on the divorce
  • They agree on the grounds of divorce
  • They agree on how to divide their marital property
  • They agree on who gets custody of their children
  • They decide on the paying of spousal and child support

Many individuals end up giving up their rights without realizing it. Anyone who is worried about their current situation should not take matters into their own hands and simply guess what will happen next, instead they should connect with an attorney who can guide them through the process and make it easy for them to get the results they desire.

Anyone who is going through a divorce should call a lawyer at the Law Office of Charles Zolot so they get help with the legalities of their situation.

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