When a parent gets custody of the children, this means that they get the legal responsibility to take care of them. If a person gets physical custody this means that they will provide the place for the child to live and legal custody means they get the power to make important decisions in the child’s life, such as where the child will go to school and who their healthcare providers will be.

If a parent is given sole custody this means that only they have the authority to make decisions and keep the child with them. The non-custodial parent might have the right to remain up to date with medical and educational information, but they will be unable to make an important decision for their kids. If joint custody is granted, the situation is quite different. In this situation, both parents will communicate with each other well enough to jointly raise the children and make decisions for them.

The courts in New York may decide a visitation schedule that suits both the schedule of the children and the parents as well. The court may also just choose to agree with the schedule that the parents decided on their own.

Who will be granted custody in Queens, New York?

The mother or legal father can ask for custody of the children. It is important to note that neither the mother nor the father has a greater right to custody of their children. If there is no order for custody, then any parent is allowed to legally keep the children.

Relatives and friends can also ask for the custody of the children if they can establish there are extraordinary circumstances. This means that the parents either abandoned, persistently neglected, or are otherwise unfit to be looking after their children.

As for visitation rights, the parents, siblings, grandparents, and half-siblings can be granted the right to visitation. The court will decide whether visitation is in the child’s best interest or not and they will go forward with their decision based on the points that are brought forward to them.

The noncustodial parent will also be responsible for paying child support to help take care of their children and give them a good life.

Anyone who is going through a divorce and would like to keep custody of their children should reach out to a child custody lawyer as soon as possible to get the legal help they need. A custody or visitation petition must be filed in family court for a person to get access to their children.

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