Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., but most refer to him as “Tip,” has made headline news again, but this time, for a reason many, including his criminal defense lawyer, might consider to be absurd.

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It was early Wednesday morning when T.I. arrived at the entrance of the Eagle’s Landing Country Club community where his home is located in Henry County, GA. Upon arriving, CNN said the guard was sound asleep in the guardhouse and it took the rapper some time to wake him up. Unfortunately, T.I. had forgotten his key and needed to the guard to allow him access into the community. Oddly enough, the guard refused to let T.I. in “without justification” even though the rapper identified himself. He even called his wife, Tameka Harris, also known as “Tiny,” who confirmed his identity, yet the guard would not let him in.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that T.I. then called a friend who later joined him.
CNN stated that T.I. and the guard then exchanged words and that is when the guard and/or a supervisor called the police on T.I. When officials showed up, “they were not interested in hearing Tip’s side of the story and wrongfully chose to end the situation arresting Tip.”
Surely this can’t be the first time a homeowner forgot their key and demanded to be let in so they could get home to their family, right?
After being arrested, T.I. was booked and cited on misdemeanor charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. He quickly posted his $2,2,50 bail and was released. His friend, Marquinarius Holmes, 40, of Stockbridge, was arrested on outstanding charges out of Clayton County for not having proof of car insurance. T.I. is calling the arrest right outside of his gated community “nonsense” and will likely have his criminal defense attorney fight the charges as he and his attorney believe he was wrongfully arrested even after his wife Tiny told the guard “he should be let in immediately.”
While you might expect that the guard would have recognized the rapper as he well-known all across the country, apparently, he wasn’t in the mood to comply with T.I.’s demands despite the fact that he owns a home in the community.
Unfortunately, T.I. isn’t the only person who has been wrongfully arrested. Many innocent individuals have found themselves locked away behind bars although they were free from guilt. In fact, there are still people today who are sitting in jail for a crime they did not commit. NBC News reported back in 2016 that there were 149 people who spent an average of 15 years in prison before being cleared in 2015. As shocking as this might be, it does happen and that is why anyone facing a criminal charge is urged to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately.
Not only can a criminal defense attorney help prove your innocence when you did not commit a crime, they can also help get charges reduced in the event you played some role in carrying out the offense. So, if you have been criminally charged in GA, contact USAttorneys.com and we will connect you with a local GA criminal defense lawyer who will be more than willing to provide you with the legal representation you will need.

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