The video was first posted on Facebook on February 3, 2020, and has since gained attention from individuals nationwide. The Courier-Journal highlighted details from the incident that later captured the attention of rapper T.I. whose legal name is Clifford Harris Jr. In the video, you can see several white officers pinning down a black man inside the PNC Tower in downtown Louisville near the Starbucks.

You can hear the man yelling for officers to stop as they continue to restrain him and ask him to turn over. The news source reported that after the officer demanded for the fourth time for the man to turn over despite him being held down by several officers, the man allegedly punched the officer in the face. The officer proceeded to punch the man back in the face multiple times while he was still being held down. At this point, the man who is likely to be incapable of turning over, is still instructed to turn over by the officer.

When the man does not turn over, the officer continues to beat him and even hits him a few times with his elbow. More officers eventually approach the scene and it appears the man may have been suffering from some type of medical condition. The man is later seen being carried away by several officers.


Rapper T.I. Reposts Viral Video on Instagram


After the video surfaced, a spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department told The Courier-Journal the department has been made “aware of the video” and that Chief Steve Conrad has initiated a Professional Standards Unit investigation of the incident. He declined to identify the officer, saying it is an open investigation.” A few days after the incident transpired, rapper T.I. reposted the disturbing video on his Instagram account along with the following caption:


“Question America…This is how you apprehend a black man in America??? But a Caucasian mass murderer you stop at a drive thru!!!” He proceeded to tag the following presidential democratic candidates in the post: Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Burnie Sanders. T.I. finished off the post with “I’d LOVE TO HEAR HOW Y’ALL FEEL ABOUT THIS.”

While the incident is being investigated and it is still unclear as to what transpired prior to the officer beating the man who is seen yelling for help while being pinned to the ground, it is important to remember that when you come in contact with an officer of the law, your rights should never be violated by him or her.


If you or someone you know has been physically harmed by an officer of the law, it’s time you speak up.


There are police brutality lawyers all around the U.S. who have the skill and experience needed to combat officer misconduct. Police officers are trained to apply force as needed and should never apply a level that is deemed unreasonable. This is referred to as excessive force and officers in all of the U.S. are prohibited from applying it.

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