Long Beach, CA – Drunk driving happens much more regularly than many people realize. This is partially due to widespread availability of alcohol and issues with transportation. However, these broad social issues are not an excuse for driving under the influence and breaking the law. Those who are caught can face criminal penalties, and a conviction has serious consequences. There is also the possibility that when a drunk driver is involved in a collision in the Long Beach area, they may be sued by a civil attorney who focuses on accident cases

Criminal laws against drunk driving and deterrence

People who are caught driving after consuming drugs or alcohol can be arrested and charged with a crime that includes punishments such as a driver’s license suspension, large monetary fines, jail time, and substance abuse treatment. Drivers who cause an accident while intoxicated can face more severe punishments such as lengthy jail sentences if they injure or kill someone. These serious penalties function as a deterrent for many people, however intoxicated drivers still get on the roads and cause accidents in fairly high numbers. Part of the reason for this is that drunk drivers are caught infrequently compared to the total amount of drunk driving incidents.

The availability of alcohol and other drugs

Consuming alcohol is integrated into American culture. Alcohol can be purchased by adults aged 21 and over in restaurants, bars, retail establishments, night clubs, and other settings. When people drink in these settings, they often need to get home somehow, and most cities and states around the country have very limited transportation options aside from people using their own vehicles. Especially when a person’s judgment is impaired after drinking, they may not fully appreciate the risk of driving at this time. Many people also do not realize that in most cases, just a few drinks are sufficient to be considered legally intoxicated at the blood alcohol concentration of .08 and affect the person’s ability to drive, even if the person does not feel drunk. It is also very difficult to predict a person’s blood alcohol concentration based on how much they have drank, as a number of variables can affect this amount. 

Marijuana and other controlled substances that can be obtained through prescriptions are also widely available in California and other states. Many of these substances can also greatly impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely, and DUI laws recognize the fact that driving under the influence of certain drugs is just as dangerous as consuming alcohol and then driving. 

Help locating a lawyer in Long Beach after an accident

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