After Governor Brian Kemp issued a shelter-in-place order for the State of Georgia, non-essential businesses were forced to close their doors to the public. In the blink of an eye, businesses that were profiting daily, are now seeing zeros on their sales ledgers. And because the COVID-19 virus has continued to threaten the lives of Americans in all states, businesses are still unable to reopen leaving them with a heap of bills and no money to pay them.


Business owners aren’t getting relief from their insurers.


While most business owners assumed that their business interruption insurance was going to provide them with the relief they needed after the government ordered them to shut down, many are learning that their insurers won’t cover their claims. Instead, insurance companies are denying claims alleging business interruption coverage doesn’t extend to pandemics. Although business owners can certainly challenge their insurer’s decision after receiving a denial notice, there are plenty who are in need of relief right now.


Is there any relief available now?


If you own a business in Georgia and your business interruption claim was denied, there may be some relief available to you right now. For instance, business leaders in Macon-Bibb are coming together to provide financial relief for small business owners during the pandemic, reports 13 WMAZ. The news source says that Blake Sullivan and Kathy McArthur are working together to “grant forgivable loans [to] small businesses facing risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Sullivan has stated that she recognizes that many small businesses are in distress and “desperately need money to survive.”

As operators of small businesses themselves, Sullivan and McArthur also “recognize how hard the COVID-19 business lockdown has hit many fellow small businesses.” In order for a business to apply for relief, their business must meet the following qualifications:


  • The business must be owned by a Macon-Bibb resident.
  • The business has been in operation for a least one year.
  • The business employees between three and 30 individuals.


For those who are interested in applying for the relief, they can visit the Macon 30 Day Fund website.


Now, if you live outside of Macon-Bibb, you can check your local new source websites to find out if any community members are offering relief as Sullivan and McArthur are.

While you search for relief from your local community or even the government, you should also consider contacting a Georgia insurance claims attorney who can help you challenge your insurer’s decision. Although your insurer has already denied your claim, that doesn’t mean you can’t file an appeal or even take the company to court. To better understand your legal rights as a small business owner in Georgia, contact so that you can get connected with an insurance attorney in your area.

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