Many individuals predicted that the speech scheduled to be given by Ricard Spencer at the University of Florida would give rise to violent outbursts and protests, and the Miami Herald is now confirming it did just that.
On Thursday, October 20th, Richard Spencer attended UF in hopes of persuading individuals to understand why his views and beliefs on being a white nationalist, or a believer of white supremacy, is going to make America a better place to live. But, many aren’t up to being coaxed into thinking the European people are more superior to any other. Perhaps that is why yet another event he decided to speak at turned ugly, and dangerous.
Just as there are many in opposition of what Spencer stands for, there are plenty of supporters out there who have become brave and vocal, especially now that President Donald Trump holds the title as leader of the U.S. During Spencer’s speech, there were plenty of individuals protesting his views, many of which didn’t even want him to attend their school. In fact, the president of the university was against having Spencer come and speak but was required by law to allow him to do so. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on security, still, a bullet managed to make its way out of the chamber. Luckily, it missed its target, which happened to be at a group of anti-Spencer protesters.
It appears Richard Spencer is only contributing to making the line thicker between people of a different race than him as his speeches continue to lead to violent outbursts.

Richard Spencer Supporters are Becoming Brave, and Deadly

After the speech concluded and everyone began wrapping up, three males “started heckling some anti-Spencer protesters with Hitler chants, Nazi salutes and threats.” At one point, one of the men pulled out his gun and was encouraged by the other two to actually use it. After the shot was fired in the direction of the group, it did miss, and the three then sped off in their vehicle.
The men were later found and taken into custody. Bail has been set at one million dollars for William and Colton Fears and $3 million for Tyler Tenbrink. The three identify themselves as members of extremist groups and often refer to notorious Nazi slogans on their social media pages. Perhaps the next time Richard Spencer decides to speak again that all of these violent accounts will be taken into consideration before permission is granted for him to attend.
As for the three males, they had better hope they can find a dedicated criminal defense attorney to represent them as there is plenty of evidence that proves they intentionally wanted to harm someone and even tried to take a life at the gathering held by Richard Spencer himself. If individuals like Richard Spencer who support white supremacy continue to receive permission to speak on these views, it is only going to encourage others to come out and use their own voice. And rather than working to bring everyone together in the U.S., it is only going to draw a thicker line between people of different race, skin color, and even religion.

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