Donald Trump’s longtime friend and former adviser, Roger Stone, will be sentenced on Thursday morning despite many requests from his side to delay the sentencing yet again. District Judge Amy Jackson stated that they had already delayed the sentencing once and they were not willing to go that route again. Stone’s attorneys, on the other hand, stated they need another trial because one of the judges had been biased in their decision.

The judge is allowing the sentencing to proceed as planned but she stated she would be willing to delay the legal effects of the sentencing until Stone gets another trial to present his new defense. Stone was originally sentenced to 7-9 years in prison, but a new court filing was submitted requesting a 3-4-year sentence instead.

This sudden reversal caused 4 judges to resign from their position in the case. Donald Trump was very open about his disapproval of the sentencing of his close friend. He stated that the entire trial was a scam and that he may even go as far as seeking legal action against the individuals who prosecuted him.

The Justice Department is under a lot of heat for suddenly changing their original decision. However, the Justice Department claims they made their decision based on legal protocol and not because they had felt threatened by Donald Trump. Justice Department veterans stated that their decisions must be made without any political influence and therefore this sudden change in sentencing was completely unacceptable.

When it comes to dealing with court cases as important and serious as this case of Roger Stone, it is vital that the attorneys representing him are able to collect enough evidence and formulate enough defenses to prove that he had been sentenced unfairly and that he deserves a lesser legal punishment. Stone is clearly privileged to have his close friend, the president of the United States pushing for him to get another trial. However, the actions of Trump and the decision for the Justice Department to make changes to their original sentencing due to fear of the president is completely unacceptable and even goes against the law.

On what grounds was stone sentenced in the first place?

Stone was found guilty of lying to officials about his attempts to determine what Wikileaks knew about Hilary Clinton’s campaign. He was also found guilty of urging media hosts to lie to congress.
Thursday morning will be Stone’s sentencing, but he will probably be given another chance to come with his attorneys and explain their new defense.

Stone’s attorneys claim that his original trial was unfair because at least one of the jurors had an open bias against him and that is why they are demanding the sentencing be reconsidered.
They tried to postpone the new sentencing once again but were not given permission. Instead, the Justice Department agreed to not enforce the legalities of the final sentencing immediately. They said they would allow Stone a chance to present his new defenses before putting him behind bars for the agreed-of term.

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