Rogers Stone’s sentencing takes place today and there is much suspense on what the final verdict will be. The District Judge has hinted that she may not go easy on him and this is a serious statement considering how adamant Trump has been in advocating against this trial, which he went as far as to calla ‘scam’.

Roger Stone was convicted for a series of crimes including lying to congress and tampering with witnesses. It was regarding witness tampering that Judge Amy Berman Jackson stated she would not go easy on him due to the tough sentencing guidelines the law has placed for such a heinous criminal act. Stone was found guilty on all seven counts he was accused of and therefore he is facing a very grim sentencing today. Trump has done everything in his power to scare the Justice Department but it seems like there is hope for fair sentencing, despite his attempts.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time Stone has been in legal trouble before. Last year he had been given a gag order- for which he apologized in court- due to posting a picture on Instagram of judge Amy Jackson along with the crosshairs of a gun.

What is Donald Trump saying about stone’s prosecution?

Donald Trump has been very bold and vocal since his acquittal and is making it clear that he, as the rightful president of the United States, refuses to see his friend get treated this way by the Justice Department. He is clearly stating that he believes the Justice Department is entirely corrupt and the entire case against Stone is a ‘miscarriage of justice’.

When Trump originally sent out his tweets against the Justice Department the first verdict was withdrawn and a new proposal for lesser sentencing was brought forth. This upset many people and caused 4 of the jurors to withdraw from Stone’s case because they felt that Trump was politicizing the justice system by abusing his power.
Donald Trump held a rally a few hours before Roger Stone’s trial was set to begin. In his rally, he asserted the injustices that had been done to him over the course of his presidency and claimed that crooked politicians had caused him to lose out 3 years of his presidential time.

He also claimed that the Department of Justice was completely corrupt and had his fans chant ‘lock her up’ continuously regarding Hillary Clinton. Trump has said some pretty unbelievable things during his time as president which is why none of his easily refutable facts and claims made during his rally did make it to headline news.

As Stone’s sentencing begins, many people are holding their breath and hoping that the justice system will prevail despite the unfair political interference they were bombarded with.

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