Before a person passes away, they should take the integral step of ensuring they have a last Will put in place so their assets can be divided the way they want amongst their family and friends. Anyone who fails to create a legal last Will must face the consequences of having their property divided by the government instead. Naturally, this is not in a person’s best interests as their desires will not be taken into proper consideration during such a process and their loved ones will likely have less money due to the tax cuts the government will mandate.

An estate planning lawyer can help a person carry out proper estate planning so they are not taken advantage of and so they can have their property managed and distributed the way they desire. People spend their entire lives collecting and amassing wealth, so their loved ones have security when they are no longer around to protect and provide for them. At the very least, this money should go to those they desire after a tragic event takes place and they are no longer able to provide.

Creating a Last Will is one of the most important parts of estate planning. With a Will, a person can leave their desired property to the desired people and organizations, A Will also lets a person name a personal guardian to take care of minor children. A person can further use a Will to name a person who they trust to manage their property and they can also name a personal representative who will make sure all the details of the Will are carried out.

The Will must be created following all the legal rulings or it will not be considered by the court. If a person loses their life and they did not take the precaution of creating a Will then their property will be distributed based on intestacy laws. This means that the government will give the property to the closest relatives such as the spouse and the children. If a person is not married and they do not have children, then their parents or grandchildren will inherit the wealth.

Requirements of a Will in Saint George, Utah

Anyone who wants to create a Will should run it through an attorney first, so they know they are following the most current and up-to-date requirements. A person must sign in front of two witnesses, and they must ensure their witnesses sign the paper within a reasonable time after a person signs and acknowledges their Will.

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