One of the worse outcomes a person can face after immigrating to the United States is to be deported on various grounds. There are five main categories of deportation and if a person falls under any of these branches, then they will likely find themselves on the wrong end of the law and facing deportation charges.

The first grounds are when it is discovered that a person entered the country without proper authority, to begin with. The second is if they violate their status such as if they violate the terms of working and they get a job without first getting permission. The third category is individuals who are a part of certain organizations that are prohibited and the fourth and fifth category is of people who commit a broad range of criminal convictions, or who become public charges within the first five years of living in the United States.

As time passes, the factor of non-citizens committing crimes is being taken even more seriously, an alien who is trying to come to the United States but has a criminal record will likely find it very difficult to obtain the status they desire. Anyone who has a criminal record and is seeking to immigrate should first consult with an immigration lawyer who specializes in dealing with such cases. A lawyer will be able to inform them of their current options and chances of getting an approved application. There are specific categories of crimes for which if a person committed them in the past, the immigration process will become very difficult for them. The highest priority for deportation is placed on people in State and Federal prisons, especially those individuals who were detained for committing crimes that are very violent in nature.

What is considered a deportable offense in San Antonio, Texas

If a person commits a crime that is categorized as a deportable offense under the Immigration and Naturalization Act, then they will have to go through immigration court to get through the removal proceedings. During this phase, it becomes integral that a person connects with a deportation attorney to side with them and support them through the full legal process.

A lawyer can help them in more ways than one. Not only will they inform them of all the legal options they have available for them, but their attorney will also give them the support they need to ensure they are not taken advantage of in any way, and they have the confidence they need to stand up in court and present their case.

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