Deportation is one of the scariest immigration-related legal situations a person can find themselves in. When a person is at risk of deportation, they are at threat of being compelled to leave their friends, family, and entire lifestyle behind simply because they didn’t have the legal paperwork to remain in the United States. If a person faces a deportation order or their proceedings have begun, they should invest in an immigration attorney who can help them with the process, so they have more chances of turning the case around in their favor and not being deported.

The main reasons why a person may be deported include:

  • Entering the United States without the proper legal requirements being met, to begin with
  • Violating the status and terms of their visa, such as working without permission
  • Having carried out many criminal activities
  • Being a part of prohibited organizations

Naturally, no one wants to be a part of this situation and anyone who gets notice for deportation will need the help of an immigration attorney to begin the legal proceedings for their case.

The Deportation Process in San Antonio, Texas

A person will first receive a Notice to Appear in removal proceedings. A Master Calendar hearing will be held in court, so the alien has a chance to respond to the charges and provide an explanation for their situation. It is now that the expert advice of an immigration lawyer will help a person make the correct legal decisions to convince the court they are living in the United States on legal grounds.

The verdict of a person’s case will depend on how long they have been living in the United States and other factors such as their family relationships and whether the person has a past criminal history or not.

A person must take out the time to find a qualified lawyer because the actions of their attorney will greatly alter the conclusion of their case. A good lawyer will be able to build a stable defense for a person so they are not unfairly deported and so they present their best case to the court of justice.

Get in touch with an immigration lawyer at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen today to learn more about the immigration process and what legal remedies a person has available to help them once they receive a notice of deportation or if they have the fear that they may face deportation soon.

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