Santa Fe Hit-and-Run: Truck Accident Attorneys Respond

A troubling incident unfolded on Santa Fe’s south side on Saturday evening when a 38-year-old bicyclist was struck by a pickup in a hit-and-run. Santa Fe New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys stress the importance of road safety and the rights of victims in such unfortunate events.


The Santa Fe police are actively investigating the incident. Deputy Chief Ben Valdez mentioned in a Sunday interview that the female driver of the pickup, who contacted the police post-incident, has not been charged as of now. The decision on charges will be made after a thorough investigation, following which her identity will be disclosed. Truck Accident Attorneys emphasize the need for a comprehensive investigation in such cases to ensure justice is served.


The crash was reported around 6:40 p.m. near Airport Road and Paseo del Sol. On arrival, officers found the bicyclist in an unconscious state, though he briefly regained consciousness later. He was promptly taken to a local hospital and was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday. Witnesses played a crucial role, providing descriptions of the incident and the vehicle involved. They reported that the cyclist was crossing Airport Road when he was hit by a truck, described as a 2013 silver Chevrolet Silverado pickup. New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys highlight the significance of witness accounts in building a strong case.


The driver, after fleeing the scene, contacted the investigating officer overnight. The area around the crash site was cordoned off for several hours for investigation. For victims of such incidents in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico, the Santa Fe New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys at offer expert legal advice and representation to ensure their rights are protected.

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