Santa Rosa County, FL, Mechanical Issues May Have Caused a Dump Truck to Drive Off I-10 into Blackwater River

Approximately 30 minutes after Interstate 10 reopened after having been shut down due to the Five Mile Swamp Fire, a dump truck was involved in an accident. WEAR TV says that a semi with a dump trailer had driven off the interstate and landed in the Blackwater River. Florida Highway Patrol arrived at the scene where four officers helped to extract the man from his truck.

Wear TV reported that the steering wheel had to be cut free from the vehicle in order to get the driver out. The man behind the wheel, who has not yet been identified, suffered serious injuries and was transported to an area hospital in critical condition. The Department of Transportation also arrived at the scene where officials conducted an investigation.

Although it will likely take some time before an official accident report is released identifying the cause of the incident, officials believe a mechanical issue may have played a role. The source says the driver may have driven off the road and into the river as a result of a tire blowout, an issue that is common among large trucks. While a reporter for the source attempted to identify the company in which the driver was operating for, FHP did not disclose the information and the name of the company could not be identified on the truck.


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