School is officially back in session and already, an accident has occurred involving a school bus. The Orlando Sentinel reported just yesterday that a school bus in Apopka, which is only a few minutes away from Orlando, collided with a pickup truck around 5:20 p.m. at 13thStreet and Clarcona Road. There was a total of 14 teens on the bus at the time of the collision of which seven sustained minor injuries.
When medics arrived at the scene, they checked the seven children out. Five of them were released to their parents while the other two were transported to the hospital, according to WESH. The driver of the pickup truck, who has been identified as Sheron Holley was also taken to the hospital as she sustained minor injuries as well. Although the Florida Highway Patrol is still working to determine who is at fault for causing this bus accident, Sgt. Kim Montes stated that the bus “collided with the pickup truck when Holley was making a left turn onto Clarcona.” Holley was also cited for driving on a suspended license.
With the school year in full effect, it is important that drivers who have children and/or share the roadway with school buses remain cognizant of how to drive safely around school buses as well as what rules they need to follow. So, in order to help prevent an accident such as the one described above from happening, below we are providing you with a few of safety tips/rules you should be aware of:
With students now heading back to school, it is time to remind ourselves of the safety measures we need to take when traveling nearby to school buses as well as the rules we are required to follow that will help keep the passengers on the bus safe.

  • The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says that all motorists traveling in “either direction on a two-way street must stop for a school bus that displays a stop signal, and must remain stopped until the road is clear of children and the school bus stop arm is withdrawn.”
  • When a highway is divided by a paved roadway, all drivers traveling in either direction must stop for a school bus that has its stop sign extended, and must remain stopped until the road is clear of children and the school bus stop arm is completely down.
  • The only time traffic is not required to stop for a school bus is if the stretch of road they are driving on is divided by a “raised barrier such as a concrete divider or at least five feet of unpaved space separating the lanes of traffic.”
  • It is also important that you are considerate to bus drivers when you are making turns, switching lanes, and deciding how much space you want to leave between you and the bus in front of you. Remember, these buses are transporting someone else’s child and the last thing you want to do is cause an accident that could potentially injure or kill one of them.

Aside from wanting to keep children safe, you also want to follow the roadway rules simply because it is the law.  Those who fail to abide by these roadway rules could incur a minimum fine of $165. And for those who decide to pass on the side where children enter and exit, you will be faced with a minimum fine of $265. The fine does increase significantly if you pass a stopped school bus and as a result, you injure or kill a person. This increase comes after the Cameron Mayhew Act took effect on July 1, 2017. Cameron Mayhew was a student who was killed by a motorist back in 2016 who failed to stop while he was crossing the street to get to his stopped school bus.
Now, in the event your child recently suffered an injury in a bus collision in Orlando or they ever do, it is vital that you consult with a bus accident lawyer in Orlando, FL so that you can become aware of what your rights are as a parent and what your child’s rights are as a victim. While school buses are considered to be safe modes of transportation, the fact is, we have no control of over how other people drive. One thing we can control, however, if whether we decide to take legal action if you believe the motorist behaved negligently which led to your child suffering.
So, if you need to speak with an Orlando, FL bus crash attorney now or ever in the future, contact and we will get you connected with a legal professional immediately.

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