A school bus carrying 18 students from Justin Elementary School in Denton County, TX was involved in an accident Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred on Farm Road 407 at Bill Cook Lane, about two miles west of Justin. Apparently, the right tires on the school bus went off the road which caused the bus driver to overcorrect. As a result, the bus overturned along the two-lane road, slid off the roadway and into the grass. It was then stopped by a utility pole adjacent to a line of trees.
NBC DFW and WFAA reported on the incident highlighting that several ambulances were called to the scene and seven children had to be transported to the hospital where they would receive treatment for the minor injuries they sustained. The news sources showed aerial footage provided by the Texas Sky Ranger of the accident scene and you can see the bus lying on its side a few feet away from the road next to some trees. The students who did not suffer any injuries were picked up by another bus and brought back to their school. The parents of these kids were instructed to come and pick their children up from that location.
The Northwest Independent School District released a statement shortly after the school bus accident occurred near Justin saying they are working with first responders to determine the extent of the injuries as the bus was not equipped with seat belts. Officials will also be conducting an investigation to determine whether there were any other factors that contributed to causing this accident.

Should I take my child to the hospital after they were involved in a school bus accident?

When a child is involved in a school bus accident, it is always a good idea to have them checked out at an area hospital or at their local doctor’s office, even if they claim they feel fine. The truth is, there are times where a bus accident victim might feel as though they didn’t suffer any injuries but that is because they did not feel any symptoms right after the accident occurred. But, it can never hurt to have a health care professional assess your child’s condition to determine if there are any underlying injuries that may not be noticeable following a crash.
Parents will also want to consider bringing their child to a hospital or doctor if their child complains of any discomfort following an accident, whether it be in their back or neck as this might be a sign of whiplash.
A Justin, Texas school bus accident attorney can help you file a personal injury claim against the school district and possibly even the driver to help recoup compensation for the injuries your child sustained in the accident.

Can I file a claim against a school after my child has suffered injuries in a school bus accident?

If you have determined that your child did, in fact, sustain injuries as a result of a school bus accident in Texas, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the expenses you have, and will, incur. Aside from that, your child may be eligible for compensation for the pain and mental anguish they have suffered from as a result of the crash. To learn more about the steps you will need to take to recover this compensation, contact a Justin, TX school bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.
Should you need help locating a bus accident lawyer in your area, simply call USAttorneys.com and you will be provided with assistance with this.

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